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In this video from Skift Aviation Forum 2023, we hear from Ricky Horwitz, chief sales officer, global travel, Allianz Partners, and Andres Barry, president, JetBlue Travel Products, about how building better customer experiences and products can lead to long-term value among customers.

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In this video: 

  • Better products, experiences, and value: A discussion about how JetBlue focuses on delivering a superior customer experience through various amenities such as in-flight entertainment, comfortable seating, and exclusive products like Fly-Fi and Mint, aiming to build brand loyalty.
  • Focusing on relevance and simplicity: A conversation about how Allianz Partners, through its data-driven approach, collaborates with JetBlue to provide relevant and easy-to-understand insurance products throughout the customer journey, emphasizing the importance of customer-centric partnerships.
  • Customer-centric and customized: A look at how both companies prioritize personalization and customer service, ensuring that the products and services offered cater to the specific needs of the customers, building trust and loyalty through a seamless and reassuring experience.

In this Skift Aviation Forum panel discussion, Ricky Horwitz, chief sales officer, global travel, Allianz Partners, and Andres Barry, president, JetBlue Travel Products, spoke with Jeremy Kressman, head of studio, SkiftX, about the concept of loyalty in the aviation industry, with a focus on the role of customer experience and product excellence in fostering lasting relationships with customers. 

Barry discusses JetBlue’s commitment to providing top-notch customer experiences, emphasizing in-flight amenities like live content TVs, extra legroom, and a diverse selection of snacks. The company’s innovative ventures, such as Fly-Fi and its Mint product, have further transformed the air travel experience, fostering a culture of service and excellence as the cornerstone of their brand’s success, he explained.

Horwitz explained how Allianz Partners partners closely with JetBlue to complement their offerings with relevant and easily comprehensible insurance products and a data-driven approach. Emphasizing the importance of maintaining a customer-focused approach, he discussed how Allianz strives to educate customers throughout their journey, ensuring they understand the value of the travel protection services and the benefits of the insurance policies, both during and after the purchase process.

The discussion also highlighted the significance of personalization in the purchase experience, with JetBlue’s Paisly platform catering to the specific needs of customers based on factors like destination, travel duration, and party composition. Furthermore, in addressing uncertainties, particularly during the pandemic, both JetBlue and Allianz adapted their strategies to reassure customers and provide them with a sense of security. 

As Horwitz explained, Allianz’s role in ensuring a smooth and hassle-free claims process has not only added to the customer’s peace of mind but has also contributed to the reinforcement of the JetBlue brand’s reputation for reliability and customer care.

This content was created collaboratively by Allianz Partners and Skift’s branded content studio, SkiftX.

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