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Marriott and Hilton are similar in many ways, with both brands carrying the names of their founding families, both being asset-light players and both largely based in the U.S. This concise 20 chart fact-book compares their key performance indicators – the differences can be meaningful in explaining future stock price performance.

Marriott and Hilton are the two largest and most well known hotel chains in the U.S. Both companies’ stock prices and valuations soared from their Covid-lows through 2021. After a pullback last year, hotel stocks have rallied again, lifted by strong demand and the continued travel recovery.

Since the start of Covid, Hilton has outperformed Marriott, largely aided by its higher exposure to mainstream hotel chains. These hotels were more resilient through the pandemic, supported by essential business travelers. Hilton is also more skewed towards franchised contracts than Marriott, with franchised fee revenues tending to be less exposed to cyclical risk than managed contracts that are dependent on incentive fees (i.e. profits need hit a certain level before the hotel owners pay Hilton or Marriott). 

Future performance will depend on many factors, including the risk of recession, the rebound in travel from Asia and the continued strength of luxury. This handy 20 chart factbook by Skift Research provides investors with key comparisons of the two companies, such as the differences in segment mix and revenue streams that could impact earnings growth and stock price performance.

What You’ll Learn From This Report

  • A comparison of the key performance indicators of Marriott and Hilton, such as RevPAR, unit growth and EBITDA margin.
  • Marriott and Hilton’s current segment mix versus future pipeline to show the long term growth strategies at each company.
  • Stock price performance and valuation of each company.

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