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Skift Forum Europe will return this March to take a deep dive into one of the most important regions in travel by convening leaders from across sectors as Europe seeks to find unity and a strong return in 2022. Europe has always been a bellwether for many of the leading trends in global travel, so don't miss out.

Series: Skift Forum Europe 2022

Skift Forum Europe

Skift Forum Europe was held in London, England on March 24, 2022. Find out about future Skift events through the link below.

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Join us at 9 a.m. GMT on March 24 as Skift Forum Europe returns to London, welcoming several hundred attendees in-person and many more tuning in globally to watch the discussions via our online conference platform.

Listen in as Skift editors and research analysts interview leaders from across the region as they discuss our 2022 theme: Mapping Travel’s Return, diving into the big questions and challenges facing the industry, including:

  • When international travel finally returns, what will the market look like?
  • Will European border control find a more consistent approach on restrictions and requirements this year?
  • What are hotels doing to streamline operations, innovate on sustainability, and adapt quickly to volatility?
  • How has an increased domestic focus impacted tourism and what new models are emerging?
  • For airlines, how will both legacy and low-cost carriers rebound as travel returns? Which will gain more market share, and will we see consolidation in the future? 
  • What will an increasingly remote-work world mean for travel and mobility in the region?
  • How are major tour operators evolving in Europe given regulatory pressures, increased competition, and the subscription model’s impact? 
  • How is sustainability now a top priority for all sectors, and what is being done for real versus rhetoric?

What to Expect

This one-day conference is the premier European travel event focused on the top leaders, marketers, strategists, and technologists in the industry — the people creating and defining the future of travel.

You won’t want to miss this jam-packed agenda, as we convene in-person at the spacious new boutique hotel, The Londoner, on March 24. In addition to an opening and closing reception, we will feature a networking lunch and breaks throughout the event to foster new connections and strengthen existing ties across this high-level audience.

Skift Forum Europe is unlike any other event in the region and is a must-attend online event for anyone looking to understand what lies ahead for travel’s future in Europe, to parse what the strategies leaders are betting on, and to understand what travelers are seeking as the region reopens. As always, editors will take questions for speakers from the audience as the event streams live.

Here is a clip from our 2020 Skift Forum Europe online event, featuring’s CMO Arjan Dijk:

How to Attend

Early Bird Registration for this event is £800 for a single ticket. Online-only early bird registrations start at £70, with additional discounts for group bookings. Attendees from across the globe will be able to view the video live on March 24, and it will also be available on-demand following the event for viewing at attendees’ convenience.

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