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Lufthansa to Double Eurowings Fleet Size to Compete With Ryanair, EasyJet

Lufthansa's flurry of deals with Germanwings and Brussels Airlines enables Lufthansa -- in theory, at least -- to get around union opposition to Eurowings' expansion. Can Eurowings really compete with Ryanair, EasyJet and Norwegian? We'll see if parent Lufthansa really has the chops to do it.

4 weeks ago

Is Global Chaos Affecting U.S. Vacation Bookings? Not Really, Say Travel Agencies

Security concerns in Europe seems to be the new normal, according to travel agency executives. Travelers are simply booking vacations to safer destinations instead of putting off travel altogether.

2 months ago

Switzerland Tourism Improves Thanks to More Affordable Options

Switzerland is seeing a slight improvement in overnight hotel stays, but still has a lot to worry about: Will Asian tourists stay away over broader European security fears, and will high prices scare off other potential visitors?

3 months ago

Easyjet Faces Uncertainty in Post-Brexit Europe

It looks like flyers are getting even cheaper fares than usual on Britain's budget airline this summer. But this level of discounting isn't sustainable for Easyjet.

3 months ago

European Tourist Spots Worry About Impact of Pound’s Plunge

As the reality of a post-Brexit European Union sinks in, tourist destinations around the continent may have a better sense of whether visits from the UK will slow down. For now, there's plenty of worry to go around.

4 months ago

Following Brexit Vote, Hotel Stocks Plummet

It's still very early to tell exactly how the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union will impact the overall tourism industry but when it comes to hotels, the biggest concerns relate to its impact on immigration and the migrant workers who make up a large portion of the country's hospitality workforce.

4 months ago

Airbnb Wants to Become a Business Travel Mainstay — Corporate Travel Innovation Report

Airbnb has realized that if it's going to make serious inroads in corporate travel, it's going to have to develop better tools and capabilities to make life easier for those who book travel for others.

5 months ago

Business Travel Spending in Europe Is Expected to Grow at a Healthy Clip

The latest projections reinforce what has become a regular talking point of the Global Business Travel Association: Business travel is resilient.

5 months ago

Marriott CEO Interview: Speaking Up on Social Issues and Building a Huge Brand

Marriott is already one of the biggest players in the hospitality industry and in a few months, it'll be the biggest. Whatever the company decides to do — whether that's speaking up for LGBT rights and issues or pushing more direct bookings — is having a larger impact on the industry as a whole, and we spoke with CEO Arne Sorenson for his take on those issues, and other big challenges facing hospitality.

5 months ago

Tour Operator Booking Patterns Are Going Through a ‘Seismic Shift’ in 2016

Shifting consumer demands for new destinations and more experiential trips may have finally caused a big impact on the way tour operators sell vacations.

5 months ago

EU Changes Visa Waiver Program Due to Terrorism Concerns and Migrant Crisis

Travel for Europeans in Europe could become more complicated. The EU is making these changes from a place of weakness and it's unlikely that the new rules will have the intended effect.

5 months ago

Report: North American Vacationers Are Still Renting Cars in Europe

So far, it looks like safety and security concerns won't deter North American travelers from renting cars in Europe this summer. This could change once Q2 bookings data are released, though.

6 months ago