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In this series round-up, Skift and Shiji Group look at the future of the hotel tech stack, how digital solutions and automation will fuel enterprise hospitality operations, and what this means for operators, employees, and the customer experience.

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As travel begins to recover, and enterprise hotel and hospitality companies face a raft of new challenges, game changing digital solutions and automation are coming to the fore.

For example, on the operational front, executives are looking at new ways to update their hotel technology roadmaps, shifting toward cloud- and tech-based solutions as a way of modernizing their platforms. Data security remains top of mind as well, as executives find themselves catering to an ever shifting suite of regional and international legislation and security hurdles.

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The return of leisure travel is prompting operators to consider savvier digital marketing routes through social media in order to lure new clients and capitalize on the boom amidst fierce competition. And with new consumer behavior demanding more of the hospitality experience, we’re seeing the hotel and food and beverage spaces become increasingly aligned.

Contactless payment protocols, meanwhile — POS and beyond — are becoming par for the course to help eliminate payment friction, as they work to streamline the modern guest experience.

Skift and Shiji Group teamed up to take a detailed look at how digital solutions and automation born of the reimagined hotel tech stack are impacting the industry — as well as how these trends are likely to build, shape, and form across the coming decade and beyond — and what this means for operators, employees, and the future of the customer experience.

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What you’ll learn in this series round-up:

  • How food and beverage technology is evolving in the enterprise hospitality space
  • Why enterprise hotel and restaurant companies must eliminate payment friction from the guest experience
  • What hotels need to know about data security for 2021 and beyond
  • What hotels need to look for when choosing the right tech stack
  • What we can expect from the future of hotel property management systems

This content was created collaboratively by Shiji Group and Skift’s branded content studio, SkiftX.

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