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A theory made the rounds several years ago that Tripadvisor would be the next OK, that didn't happen, but dealt a bad hand by Google, Tripadvisor has been busy remaking itself. It's been a very long and uneven slog.

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Dennis' Online Travel Briefing

Editor’s Note:¬†Every Wednesday, Executive Editor and online travel rockstar Dennis Schaal will bring readers exclusive reporting and insight into the business of online travel and digital booking, and how this sector has an impact across the travel industry.

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Online Travel This Week Bold words from Richard Clarke, managing director of financial firm AllianceBernstein, who argues in an investment report that Tripadvisor is "both the best stock to play the release of pent-up demand but also an attractive long-term business transformation story as it diversifies away from under-pressure Metasearch." Based largely on Tripadvisors' experiences, dining reservations, display advertising, Plus subscription service, and new trip-planning Reco features, Clarke argued that while the analyst consensus forecasts that Tripadvisor revenue in 2023 will fall below 2019 levels, he believes it will be around 9 percent greater. "We increase our Target Price to $40, 14% potential upside and rate it Outperform," Clarke wrote. Tripadvisor is certainly transforming itself in a process that has been under way for several years. But I'm skeptical about whether Tripadvisor has