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Since the 17th century, taking a trip through Europe has been a much envied undertaking. Since the days of the Grand Tour, things have certainly changed, but Europe remains one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. No longer is it just Europeans exploring their own continent, but intra-regional travel remains extremely important to the world’s top travel destinations like France, Italy, Spain, and Greece.

The coronavirus pandemic has upended normal travel patterns and behaviors. In a region where both inbound and outbound travel are of such great importance, this has real consequences to economies and livelihood.

Skift Research’s latest report, EU Traveler Profile and Key Statistics: The Impact of Covid-19, delves into the travel patterns of European travelers and how Covid-19 has changed these.

We start by highlighting the importance of the travel industry for European economies, and lay out the travel patterns of Europeans pre-Covid. This is followed by an analysis into the impact of Covid-19, looking at how different markets might be able to weather the storm, and how the different travel sectors have performed in 2020. The report finishes with a look ahead, providing consumer research insights and market forecasts to indicate what 2021 will bring.

Last week, we published our latest Skift Research report, EU Traveler Profile and Key Statistics: The Impact of Covid-19. Below, we share a snippet of the report.

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When comparing past years’ outbound expenditure and inbound receipts data, it is clear that some countries are better positioned to utilize the ‘new normal’ where outbound travel has nearly stopped and domestic travel has picked up considerably.

The impact of the pandemic on job losses has been severe, as indicated by Eurostat data on employment numbers in the different travel verticals.

All verticals have been hit hard, but particularly in the accommodation sector there have been mixed fortunes.


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Photo Credit: Gondolas on the waters around Venice Gerhard Bögner / Pixabay