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Expedia Joins Apple, Others When It Comes to European Tax Savings

It would be hard for Expedia, like any other company, to say no to 26% tax savings. Time for a bit of reform.

2 months ago

British Rush Post-Brexit to Get Freedom-of-Movement Passports Before it Is Too Late

Even Brits who don't normally travel to the Continent for work and play are applying for freedom-of-movement passports so they don't get left out if the EU doors eventually close. Voters remorse?

2 months ago

Europe’s Tough Stance Against Google Could Shame the FTC Into Action

The European regulatory probe of Google on several fronts is putting pressure on the U.S.'s FTC to jump into the fray after bowing out under less-than-stellar circumstances a few years ago. Still, don't expect any meaningful changes in Google's practices until the regulatory processes likely wind through the courts.

3 months ago

Governments Should Only Ban Airbnb or Uber as a Last Resort Says EU

Europe's hotels and taxis are regulated out the wazoo. We'd love to see a world in which those regulations were more sensible and regulations on the sharing economy were sensible, too.

5 months ago

EU Changes Visa Waiver Program Due to Terrorism Concerns and Migrant Crisis

Travel for Europeans in Europe could become more complicated. The EU is making these changes from a place of weakness and it's unlikely that the new rules will have the intended effect.

5 months ago

The EU Warns That Tougher Border Checks Would Cost Billions Every Year

Better politics breeds better borders.

6 months ago

The EU Finally Mandates Sharing of Airline Passenger Information

We understand the privacy concerns behind this, but we also know that this was more about bureaucracy than it was about either security or privacy.

7 months ago

The U.S. Should Give Norwegian Air Freedom to Fly, Says EU

For all of the U.S. legacy carriers' complaints about unfair competition from Gulf carriers, the former have made it incredibly unfair for Norwegian in the U.S.

8 months ago

UK Travelers Worry That an EU Exit Will Make Holidays More Expensive

They worry about costs because they most certainly will rise. Very good news for U.S. travelers, though.

8 months ago

Airbnb and Uber Don’t Want Local Laws in Europe to Restrict Their Business

We understand the sentiment, but if a town doesn't want your business, they should be able to make their own decisions about what's right for them.

9 months ago

The EU Wants to Boost Growth and Airbnb and Uber May Benefit Big

Making business easier in Europe is a good idea, but you don't want to be making decisions about ambitious multi-billion dollar companies with your back against the wall, because you can guarantee that your interests are not aligned.

10 months ago

Estonia’s National Airline Is Officially Bankrupt

While the bankruptcy is clearly a dodge to avoid paying the EU fines, it's a sign that the competition rules in Europe are off kilter.

10 months ago