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Cruise Ship Building Boom a Boon for Germany’s Shipbuilding Industry

China may be able to compete on price, but the long history Germany has building ships is still giving it an edge over emerging rivals.

3 months ago

Germany Will No Longer Be a Traveler’s Wi-Fi Nightmare

Good news for travelers to Germany: The country's draconian internet privacy laws have been loosened and more free Wi-Fi hotspots will soon be available to the public.

6 months ago

Etihad Just Won a Small Battle in Its Air Berlin Codeshare Battle

German politics have been playing havoc with Air Berlin-Etihad codeshares. Their domestic codeshares are still being held hostage.

10 months ago

Germany Says Europe’s Passport-Free Travel is in Jeopardy

The migrant crisis or, more specifically, the terrorism threat is putting in extreme pressure on the European Community's system of passport-free travel.

10 months ago

Booking.com’s Hotel Rate Practices Get Slapped Down in Germany

The German regulator's ruling to reject Booking.com's reformed hotel rate practices as not going far enough could be a landmark decision if it holds up upon appeal and if other European countries follow Germany's lead. Booking.com may have the leverage to inhibit hotel partners from getting carried away on discounting but the ruling is a victory for consumers nonetheless.

10 months ago

Munich’s Oktoberfest Attracts Thousands As Flow of Asylum-Seekers Wanes

1 year ago

German Hotels and Public Spaces May Finally Get Free Wi-Fi

Germany's draconian laws governing Internet access liability may finally come to an end, allowing hotels to offer more robust free Wi-Fi options.

1 year ago

Expedia Tests Vacation Rentals in Europe Through HomeAway Partnership

Expedia's launch of vacation rentals in the U.S. in partnership with HomeAway has been a relative dud as Expedia hasn't shown much commitment to the effort. But Expedia has higher hopes for Europe, where vacation rentals are more commonly in travelers' consideration set.

1 year ago

Germans Begin to Say ‘Nein’ to Greek Holidays This Summer

Considering the political fighting between the two nations, the drop isn't too surprising. Especially when Spain and Portugal make such sunny alternatives.

1 year ago

The Small German Rail Union That’s Wreaking Havoc on Transportation

The direction these labor actions will result in a reshaping of European transportation, as one labor win or loss will lead to another.

1 year ago

German Tourists May Not Be There to Save Greece Again This Summer

Tourists can't help Greece if Greece won't help itself.

1 year ago

5 Tourism Challenges Facing German Destinations

What struck us as most interesting was the universal challenges faced by each destination and how their lessons and victories could be as helpful to their neighbor as to a tourism professional around the world.

1 year ago