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Our second annual Short-Term Rental Summit will feature a two-day event looking at two of the areas in travel that have actually experienced growth during the pandemic: short-term vacation rentals and outdoor travel. Day one will feature STR leaders and day two will be driven around outdoor activities.



After our successful launch of the first Skift Short-Term Rental Summit in December 2019, Skift is excited to announce our Short-Term Rental and Outdoor Summit 2020, taking place on December 9 and 10 on Eastern time zone. This year Skift will dive into the companies that have largely excelled as travelers have looked for more socially-distance forms of travel: leisure short-term rentals outside of cities and the growing importance of outdoor travel and recreation along with it.

Join us for this this intense two-day summit as we discuss the key players, map the post-pandemic landscape, consider shifts in consumer behavior, share new research, and identify the growth potential for both short-term rentals and outdoor travel companies as this landscape rapidly challenges.

Join Us for the Skift Short-Term Rental and Outdoor Summit – December 9-10

What we’ll discuss:

  • With drive-to markets and rural leisure activities booming, how has this shifted travel for good?
  • How might the hotel and short-term rental sectors converge out of this crisis?
  • What have the marketplaces and booking services for outdoor travel learned about travelers through this period of incredible growth?
  • How will governments consider regulation as the industry both professionalizes and grows?
  • What are online travel agencies doing to adapt to this increase in demand for STRs as they consider the long-term prospects?
  • How will future travel bans and lockdowns affect short-term rentals and outdoor recreation as much as other sectors in travel?
  • Can pricing and operations be optimized in a market driven by last-minute bookings?

This will be a must-attend event this year for anyone in the industry looking to understand the future of short-term rentals and outdoor travel. As always, we will hear from top CEOs and leaders in the industry speaking with Skift editors in frank and transparent conversations, providing the candid and tactical knowledge the industry needs to move forward.

Starting at $145, this ticket price for a two-day event is far less than our in-person pricing and reflects our effort to make our online events affordable for the widest possible industry participation in this time. Attendees can participate live as the event streams live on Eastern U.S. timezone, or it will also be available on-demand the day after for viewing at attendees convenience.

Register for our Skift Short-Term Rental and Outdoor Summit – December 9-10

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