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The Small West Virginia Town Reinvigorated by Outdoor Adventure Tourism

Basic advice for all tourism boards: when you've got something special, work it.

3 weeks ago

Mt. Everest Tourism Continues Despite Earthquakes and Avalanches

"We have no other income except from the tourists," is a frightening phrase for everyone.

6 months ago

Diving Tourists Faced With Bleached Reefs at Maui’s Molokini Crater

What's the first tourist destination that will be totally ruined by global climate change? Our money is on the Maldives.

1 year ago

Daytona, Florida’s Homeless Problem Extending to Its Tourist Beaches

Tourism can't be separated from larger challenges in society, no matter how pretty the scenery.

1 year ago

North Korea Pins Latest Tourism Hopes on Becoming a Surfing Hot Spot

Something tells us Kim Jong-un is highly proficient at harshing the mellow of even the most chill of surfers.

1 year ago

Hawaiian Town Deals With Downside of Dr. Beach’s Number 1 Ranking

You can't have booming tourism and a small-town feel without something breaking.

1 year ago

The Center of 2017’s Total Solar Eclipse Is a Small Town in Kentucky

We'd also like to point out that there are many Clampets living in Hopkinsville, which is a draw in an of itself.

1 year ago

Matterhorn Closes to Hikers on 10th Anniversary of First Climb

Sitting back and taking it all in from the ground rather than seeing multiple teams crowd their way to the top seems like the more appropriate way to remember the anniversary.

1 year ago

Demand for American Hiking Trail Spikes After ‘Wild’ Release

Films often have an outsized impact on demand for destinations that previously attracted little attention and few visitors.

1 year ago

America’s Favorite Beach Expert Releases His Annual Best of List

It's surprising that more people haven't moved in to take on Dr. Beach and his relatively data-driven approach to better beaches.

1 year ago

The 12-Room Hotel That Turned a Barren Archipelago Into Chile’s Next Big Thing

Hotels have the power to set the tone in new destinations, whether it's the high-end approach like her or Fogo Island Inn, or go big and go mass approach favored by countries like Mexico.

1 year ago

China Halts All Climbing on Tibetan Side of Mt. Everest

Indulging the adventurous whims of western tourist should be the last priority right now.

1 year ago