In this video:

  • State of play: A look at where the travel industry is right now and the key challenges that need to be overcome, as well as examples of innovative ways DMOs are responding to these challenges by tapping into local communities.
  • The role of content in tourism recovery: A look at CrowdRiff’s new Story Network platform and why collaboration at local, regional and state levels is necessary to aid recovery.
  • The long-term value of rebuilding DMOs: It’s not just about getting tourism back. How can destination marketing organizations find ways to be more inclusive, more diverse and more sustainable?

The role of the DMO is shifting from attracting tourists from other regions to supporting local stakeholders to help drive recovery — adapting marketing messages and offers to appeal to local residents and finding new ways to support local businesses.

In this video conversation from Skift Global Forum, we hear from Dan Holowack, Co-Founder and CEO of CrowdRiff, about how destination marketing organizations can impact the health and vibrancy of their communities by delivering timely, relevant, and accurate information, not just to visitors but also to locals.