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All the contactless tech that is receiving so much buzz in the hotel industry today predates the current crisis. So it might not be revolutionary, but the impact will certainly outlast the pandemic.

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of new technologies in the hotel industry, with contactless tech offerings at the forefront. Contactless technology offers hotels opportunities to reopen or continue operations in a responsible and safe way. But the impacts of the adoptions of these technologies will outlast this crisis.

We’re excited to publish our latest research report, Contactless Tech in Hospitality 2020, in which we discuss the efficacy and longevity of contactless technologies, particularly in light of ever changing consumer demands, and the issues with aging hotel technology which pre-date the current pandemic.

The report provides a clear and unbiased overview of the contactless tech that is available, discussing their advantages and drawbacks. We provide a market map which highlights 50 key tech vendors that are innovating the space, and visualize the interactions between different types of technology used in hotels.

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What You’ll Learn From This Report

  • What surveys tell us about the need for more contactless tech in hotels.
  • The main types of contactless tech, their advantages and drawbacks.
  • Where contactless tech sits in the larger hotel tech stack.
  • Which contactless technologies will stick, and which might falter.
  • What the contactless tech vendor landscape looks like, and 50 vendors that are bringing contactless innovation to the hotel industry.

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