Today we are launching the next phase of evolution of our business, Skift Pro, our new daily news membership service. Skift Pro is designed to give our loyal travel industry readers unlimited access to our independent and exclusive news coverage and directly support Skift business and growth from here.

For less than the price of a cup of coffee a day — $1 to be exact — you can read whatever you want, whenever you want it, however much you want. You can watch the latest videos from Skift events around the world. And you can get exclusive access and discounts to future events such as the annual Skift Megatrends, Skift Forums, Skift Summits, as well as more membership benefits to be announced.

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What Remains Free:

  • We will still be giving away three free stories a month, after which you will have to subscribe to our annual subscription to read.
  • Our flagship Skift Daily Newsletter with all the Skift story headlines and summaries for the day will remain free. So will our social media feeds.
  • All of our podcasts, including the flagship The Skift Podcast and Skift Daily Briefing will remain free.
  • All our readers will always have free access to stories produced by our sponsors and our Skift X content studio. These stories will not count towards the monthly three-story cap.

Skift has evolved over the past eight years, and so have our readers. Skift’s independent journalism has become mission-critical for the travel sector in these eight years, and even more so in a pandemic world. As travel reopens and recovers, Skift’s role becomes even more important from here in helping decipher the path ahead for the global travel industry.

At the same time, news readers have come to the realization that it is important to support high quality editorial, fund journalism’s role in their sectors, and support a publication’s mission  — especially when it makes a strategic and material difference to their business.

This is an important shift for Skift. This decision builds a key revenue stream that will be more resilient to industry down cycles, it will strengthen Skift’s editorial team, our global journalism efforts, and our commitment to the travel industry.

We promise to continue what we have done for nearly a decade: be curious about travel’s place in the world, continue to ask the hard questions, and constantly come up with new ways of looking at the world of travel. Support independent journalism in the world’s most consequential sector by subscribing to Skift Pro. The sector deserves the serious and sustained coverage we provide.

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