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Families headed by millennial parents are taking an ever larger share of the family travel market. To win them over, the industry needs to know what sets them apart from their generational peers.

The perspective of the millennial parent, or millennial family, is one that is not often considered, even though in many countries, the majority of those in this generational cohort have children. Millennials in general remain an appealing target market for the travel industry due to their unique values, behaviors, and preferences (and that’s not to mention the generation’s size and growing spending power). But does being a parent change what we have come to know is true about millennials?

In our latest report, Millennial Parents: The New Generation of Family Travel, Skift Research tackles this question. Drawing from the data from our 2019 Millennial and Gen Z Traveler Survey, we dig into the travel habits and preferences of millennial parents. From our survey data, we compare millennial parents to millennial non-parents in the five countries where responses were collected: the U.S., UK, Australia, China, and India. We identify big trends across the countries, and also point out key differences among the countries where they exist. This data analysis reveals some exciting findings, like millennial parents are more optimistic about their future travel spending, they’re more interested in many types of trips and trip activities, and they’re more concerned about environmentally responsible travel.

In conjunction with the findings from the survey data, in-depth interviews with family travel experts allow us to contextualize how millennial parents are changing the family travel segment. We end the report with five best practices for travel industry stakeholders who want to successfully tap into this segment.

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What You’ll Learn From This Report:

  • Why family travel is an attractive market from an expenditure perspective
  • The current and future scope of millennial family travel
  • How millennials are changing what “family” means, and therefore what family travel is
  • How millennial parents compare to non-parents in travel spending, booking and planning behavior, and activity preferences across and between countries
  • The implications of the above findings for the family travel segment
  • Five best practices for travel industry stakeholders, including best-in-class case studies

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