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As luxury resorts jockey for ways to differentiate themselves from the pack, a shift toward more environmental practices may help them find new customers. The key, though, is making sure those green efforts come from an authentic — and not purely financial — place.

Chances are you’ve stayed in a resort that suggests you hang up your towel and reuse it, rather than tossing it on the ground. It’s usually part of the property’s oftentimes small effort to go green. While it’s a nice idea in theory and may help conserve water — plus save the hotel some money — the policy by no means makes the hotel an “eco-resort,” even if the property claims otherwise.

In this week’s feature, Skift contributor Laura Powell tries to decipher just what makes a luxury eco-resort “eco” these days. Hint: It’s not just a handful of well-intentioned, earth-friendly initiatives — like towel recycling — but more of a company mindset about environmentalism.

The eco-resort concept has been around for decades — if not centuries — and right now Europe is leading the charge, opening up new properties, and converting more casual accommodations into upscale resorts. As the category picks up speed, the big question is this: Should an eco-conscious property try and market itself as such to attract environmentally aware travelers (especially millennials and Gen Z)? Or does overhyping the eco angle make the property seem like it’s trying too hard, which could turn off guests — or worse, have it accused of greenwashing?

Many Scandinavian eco-resorts don’t even mention the term in their hotels’ language because it’s just assumed they would be environmentally conscious. Thus, throwing themselves into the category isn’t necessary. While it seems like on the global level, resorts will tout their efforts to be earth-friendly, in the future, we predict luxury properties will take a more subtle — dare we say Scandinavian — marketing approach.

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Leslie Barrie, Luxury & Wellness Editor

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