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The many travel advisors who sell Hawaii certainly have a part to play in contributing to Hawaii's sustainable future.

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Hawaii has been struggling for a long time to reconcile its economic dependence on visitors with frustration among local residents about tourism’s environmental and social impact. It’s certainly been true since I started writing about Hawaii for business travel publications over 30 years ago. One example that stands out is the development of the Hawaii Convention Center, a project widely regarded with fear and loathing among Honolulu residents for decades.

With Hawaii’s tourism industry booming more than ever these days, new conflicts are arising. Once little-known wilderness areas are now crowded with visitors, some of them pursuing Instagram-worthy photos while ignoring safety warnings from locals. Surveys show that a growing number of Hawaiians believe the state is being run for tourists at their expense.

As a result, tourism marketers are devising strategies that balance promotion with encouraging visitors to show respect for Hawaii’s physical and cultural environment. The many travel advisors who sell Hawaii certainly have a part to play in this as well.

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— Maria Lenhart, Travel Advisor Editor

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Photo credit: Pictured is Waikiki. Hawaii residents are increasingly question who are the real beneficiary's of the state's tourism. Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau

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