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Congressional legislation in the United States that would bar hotels and short-term rental sources from advertising rates that don't include resort fees is getting support from the American Society of Travel Advisors. Advocating for transparency in pricing is an important cause for travel industry organizations to take on.

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Resort fees, which have been called “the most hated fee in travel,” have prompted lawsuits and a bill before Congress — the Hotel Advertising Transparency Act of 2019. Now the American Society of Travel Advisors is among advocates for the bill, which would prohibit hotels and other short-term rentals from advertising room rates that don’t disclose extra charges other than government-imposed taxes and fees.

While travelers may have grown accustomed to being hit with extra charges for services and amenities that used to be included — not only at hotels but on airlines and cruise ships as well — they at least deserve to know beforehand what the actual costs will be. Travel advisors often step in to counsel clients on hidden charges, but they shouldn’t have to.

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