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Mobile Apps and the Evolution of the Next-Generation Travel Agent

Are travel agents being leveraged to serve as teachers for machine learning artificial intelligence? Time will tell.

4 days ago

Thomas Cook Closes 28 More Offices in Shift Away From Downtown Locations

Thomas Cook’s disastrous merger with The Co-operative Group in 2011 gave it more than 1,200 retail shops at a time when the public was switching to online sales. Gradually it has been trying to reduce this number while at the same time improving those deemed to be in key locations.

2 weeks ago

Kayak Co-Founder Paul English Plans to Open Up Lola App to Travel Agents Worldwide

In a funny twist of fate, the man who helped drive consumers away from traditional travel agents with Kayak is now building a business around them. By combining the convenience of an app with the human touch, English and company are hoping to hit a sweet spot.

3 weeks ago

Travel Agency Acquisitions Are Being Driven by Aging and Ambition

Many of the mergers and acquisitions among leisure travel agencies have been sought after by big companies looking to grow their sales volume, for a variety of reasons. But an aging population of agency owners is looking for an escape hatch as well, adding fuel to the acquisition frenzy.

4 weeks ago


A Look Back at How Far Travel Agents Have Come

Travel agents have come a long way since the early days of travel. Despite the rise of online travel websites and do-it-yourself planning, savvy travel agents are doing better than ever with the help of their networks.

1 month ago

Corporate Travel Embraces Chat-Based Apps With Hyper Travel Acquisition

Chat-based apps that use real travel agents are getting a lot of buzz; we're interested to see how they will fit into the corporate travel space.

4 months ago

Millennials Are More Likely to Use Travel Agents Than Any Other U.S. Demographic

Once millennials start making money, they're willing to spend to receive personalized treatment from a travel agent. They're also tired of the hassle of do-it-yourself online travel booking.

4 months ago

Lola Deal With Virtuoso Is Rare Truce in Travel Agent-Online Booking Relations

It remains to be seen how much of the future of travel booking will be based around mobile messaging and service. But it does seem reasonable to expect a hybrid of traditional personal service and digital do-it-yourself accessibility to appeal to many travelers going forward.

4 months ago

CEO Interview: Paul English on Going Mobile-Only in Travel Booking

English envisions a travel booking experience where users can simply talk to their phone and have the perfect trip planned for them. Questions remain, however, about how exactly Lola's technology will enable customer service professionals to become indistinguishable from experienced travel agents.

5 months ago

Lola’s Booking Experiment Mixing Artificial Intelligence and Travel Agents Is Live

Lola wants to use mobile messaging, and an artificial intelligence system that learns traveler preferences, to reinvent how consumers book travel using a travel agent. Everyone else wants to cut travel agents out. Lola wants to deal them in.

5 months ago

5 Travel Companies That Are Experimenting With Booking via Messaging

Travel industry experts and analysts are hailing the rise of a “conversational commerce” based on the increasing appeal of messaging technology. The applications range from customer relations and marketing to travel operations — and they loom large for travel brands, agencies, and startups seeking to capture travelers’ bookings in the mobile space.

6 months ago

Hilton CEO Heaps Praise on His ‘Good Partners’ the Online Travel Agencies

Although his company has made it a mission to tell customers to book direct, Hilton CEO Christopher Nassetta knows he can't afford to overlook other distribution channels, including online travel agencies and travel agents.

7 months ago