Upscale Hostels Look Beyond Millennials to Business Travelers

There's a certain convergence under way between hostels and hotels as both often seek to attract Millennials as well as business travelers. Business travelers often see hostels as an optimum choice when hotels are booked up but many road warriors express satisfaction with the experience.

Travel Industry a Beneficiary of ‘Seismic’ Shift in Consumer Spending

There are innumerable factors that impact the health of the travel industry but the latest U.S. government numbers on retail spending lead to the conclusion that consumer spending habits are changing. There is a shift in emphasis from purchasing consumer goods toward buying services such as travel. That's a classic tailwind and a very healthy trend indeed for the gamut of leisure-travel businesses.

Distribution Execs See Business Travel Slowdown Extending Beyond Energy Sector

As companies become more cautious about business travel spending, the corporate travel ecosystem will begin to feel the pressure.

Business Travel Confidence Is Shaken — Corporate Travel Innovation Report

Cautious growth has been the forecast for a while now, and we're already seeing the impact on travel companies. We're curious if the rest of the year will bring more of the same.

What Airline and Hotel Executives Say About Corporate Travel This Quarter

With the Brexit vote just behind us and U.S. elections looming, some form of stability — eventually — will be a welcome change of pace for companies that cater to corporate travelers.

International Business Travel to the U.S. Grew Faster Than Leisure Travel in 2015

Global business travel had a great year in 2015, thanks to overall economic growth, but 2016 could be a different story as there's considerably more uncertainty in global markets this year.

The Corporate Travel Technology Arms Race According to Egencia

Egencia is leveraging the tech-savvy of its parent Expedia Inc. to compete at a high level in the corporate travel space. It has a real competitive advantage against other travel management companies, which have begun to pivot from providing travel services to developing travel technology solutions to solve the problems that travel buyers and agents can't.

How to Book an Airbnb at the Last Minute – Without the Hassle

Last-minute Airbnb bookings are not impossible. You just need to know how to navigate the system.

Airlines are Making a Fortune so Why Is Wall Street Complaining?

Airlines and Wall Street analysts are complaining about lower revenues, but that has been great news for consumers, who can take advantage of historically low ticket prices.

How Corporate Travel Is Learning From Leisure — Skift Corporate Travel Innovation Report

It's good to see that the corporate travel world recognizes the need to make business travel more like leisure. We're eager to see how that continues to play out in reality.