Airlines are Making a Fortune so Why Is Wall Street Complaining?

Airlines and Wall Street analysts are complaining about lower revenues, but that has been great news for consumers, who can take advantage of historically low ticket prices.

How Corporate Travel Is Learning From Leisure — Skift Corporate Travel Innovation Report

It's good to see that the corporate travel world recognizes the need to make business travel more like leisure. We're eager to see how that continues to play out in reality.

Ridesharing and Car Services May Join Forces Sooner Than You Think

The irony of this conversation, unfortunately for car services, is that ridesharing trips already account for nearly half of ground transportation spending expensed through U.S. companies. So the fingerpointing and recriminations continue.

Expedia CEO Predicts Mergers Are the Next Big Thing in Corporate Travel

Big travel management companies are going to look to acquire technology companies and smaller competitors as they struggle to scale up their technology platforms.

Business Travel Isn’t Expected to See Big Price Hikes Next Year

Travel managers will have a lot to worry about going into next year; at least significantly higher prices likely won't be one of them.

Travel Habits of Small Business Owners: 85% Make Time for Personal Activities During Business Travel

Small business owners are eager to take a vacation, but seldom get the chance to do so. Resourceful ones are mixing business with leisure and making smart use of business rewards credit cards to make their “me time” special.

Global Business Travel Outlook Is ‘Cautious Optimism’ With a $1.2 Trillion Year on the Books

Uncertainty remains the key word when it comes to business travel, but a year of record spending followed by "moderate" growth is still good news for the industry.

Bleisure Travel Isn’t Growing, Despite What Trends Might Say

It makes sense that business travelers who don't travel very much would try to include some leisure elements when they do hit the road.

How Virtual Meetings Are Enabling Smarter Business Travel

It’s often been asked “can video conferencing replace the need for in-person meetings?" In short, the answer is “no.” Simply nothing can replace certain in-person meetings, but the meetings space has clearly evolved past being reliant solely on face-to-face meetings—and corporate travel managers and IT departments can (and in many cases must) work together to make “meetings,” as a whole, productive.

Business Travelers Are Using Mobile Apps — But Not Necessarily the Way Employers Wish They Would

The holy grail for a travel manager would be an all-in-one app that travelers would actually want to use while staying within company policy — and on the radar in case of emergency. Goals are good.