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Election Malaise and Global Uncertainty Will Hurt U.S. Business Travel Spending

Everyone is ready for the U.S. election to be over. The question is: Will business travel rebound once we move into a new year with a new president, or will global factors keep travel on a slow-growth trajectory?

3 days ago

The Future Looks Seamless and On-Demand — Skift Corporate Travel Innovation Report

The future of travel is the future of corporate travel — just on a bit of a time delay.

2 weeks ago

U.S. Travel Picked up This Summer, But Don’t Expect the Trend to Last

It's good news that travelers took their summer trips, all things considered. But the fairly bleak outlook shows that the travel industry still has some lean times ahead.

3 weeks ago

Airbnb Isn’t Replacing Serviced Apartments for Business Travel Yet

Airbnb may be raising the visibility of traditional serviced apartments in the business travel space. It remains to be seen whether homesharing represents an existential threat to established corporate housing providers.

3 weeks ago

Evacuation of Business Travelers in Trouble Is a Top Priority for Employers

As global events have shown in recent years, business travelers need to be prepared for the unexpected no matter where they go.

1 month ago

Business Travelers Booking With Travel Agents Aren’t Using the Sharing Economy

One-in-four of Travel Leaders Group's business travel agents say their sales numbers are worse than last year. You have to worry about the sector's health going into 2017, given its quantifiable decline compared to previous years.

1 month ago

Cheap Airfare Will Power Corporate Travel Growth in 2017 Says Report

Global conditions remain solid for global business travel next year. Hotels are cheap, and airfares are slated for a minor increase. Increased air travel options in China are making it easier for business travelers in North America to visit Asia's strongest economic power.

1 month ago

What Makes Millennial, Gen X, and Boomer Business Travelers Most Satisfied?

It's no surprise that business travelers hate waiting in security lines more than any other aspect of the travel experience. But the importance of booking choice to millennials and booking flexibility for Gen Xers shows how consumer booking tools have shifted how workers think about business travel.

1 month ago

U.S. Domestic Leisure Travel Sees Lowest Growth Rate Since 2012

The outlook for travel in the U.S. is somewhat cloudy. Low gas prices are bolstering domestic travel, even if its growth rate is creeping downward. The high value of the U.S. dollar and other factors like the upcoming presidential election, however, are suppressing international inbound travel.

2 months ago

Why Zika Is a Complicated Concern for Corporate Travel

The threat of the Zika virus doesn't appear to be cutting into business travel — but it is prompting conversations, and those can be tricky to manage. Companies should communicate risks with all of their travelers and allow them to opt out, especially as areas of active transmission spread.

2 months ago

Business Travelers Value Passenger Experience While Travel Managers Prefer Discounts

Travelers and their travel managers don't always agree on the most important preferences when flying. But most travel managers, for some reason, don't use formal tools to receive traveler feedback. Perhaps the gaps could be narrowed with more engagement between travel managers and travelers.

2 months ago

Upscale Hostels Look Beyond Millennials to Business Travelers

There's a certain convergence under way between hostels and hotels as both often seek to attract Millennials as well as business travelers. Business travelers often see hostels as an optimum choice when hotels are booked up but many road warriors express satisfaction with the experience.

2 months ago