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Today’s hoteliers are grappling with complicated questions about distribution and marketing strategy. What’s the right mix of direct and indirect? Where should they spend their marketing dollars? How do they create e-commerce experiences that keep visitors on their website? Our new insights deck tries to provide some answers.

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We’re publishing a new Skift Insights Deck, in partnership with Sabre: Building a Diversified Distribution Strategy for The Modern Hotel, that examines the challenges and opportunities shaping the hotel ecosystem in 2019 and beyond.

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Running a hotel has always been a challenging task. But in recent years it’s gotten even more complicated.

Hotel consumers’ technology habits are evolving, forcing hoteliers to rapidly evolve their strategies related to marketing, digital customer experience, and the measurement of campaign success. Adding a further layer of complication to the process is the rapid proliferation of new types of digital devices, and interaction opportunities like voice search and chatbots.

And even as hoteliers struggle to adapt to shift in consumer behavior, they face equally difficult decisions related to inventory distribution, channel optimization, and direct booking. Picking the optimal solution involves a complicated balancing act that must prioritize competing opportunities, like spending more on digital marketing and hotel technology, increasing direct bookings and lowering commission costs, and ensuring the highest possible occupancy rates.

How can today’s hotelier ensure they are creating the best possible marketing and distribution approach? Where should they focus their limited budgets and time to have the biggest possible impact? And what tools can they use to help boost their revenue and while build stronger relationships with customers?

In our newest insights deck, “Building a Diversified Distribution Strategy for The Modern Hotel,” we incorporate original research from Skift, real world hotel case studies, and insights gathered from interviews with hoteliers around the world. The Insights Deck offers a playbook of actionable best practices today’s hotelier can adapt to their own business to ensure they continue to grow and thrive in this complicated environment.

In this deck, you’ll find:

  • Analysis of key changes in consumer habits now impacting hotel marketing and distribution
  • An examination of the current hotel distribution landscape
  • Best practices hotels can use to take back control of their distribution and marketing
  • Case studies and insights gathered from hoteliers around the world

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This content was created collaboratively by Sabre and Skift’s branded content studio, SkiftX.

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