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During a recent webinar, we examined the winning strategies travel brands can use to succeed in this new era of omnichannel marketing and deliver personalized experiences to consumers in an environment where consistency, relevancy, and privacy are more important than ever before.

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Skift recently hosted a webinar session, Winning Strategies to Reach Today’s Omnichannel Traveler. Did you miss it? To get a recording of the webinar, click the button below to submit your information.


Today’s travel brands face an evolving consumer and marketing landscape that looks vastly different than what existed even 10 years ago. Not only has the number of devices used by the average traveler increased significantly, complicating efforts to engage consumers as they search and shop across smartphones, tablets, and laptops, but the number of communication channels—from websites to apps and social media—has also exploded in recent years. Adding to the challenge is the continued proliferation of new brand touch points, both online and offline, making it even more difficult for travel marketers to deliver a message that consistently resonates with their intended audience. On top of all this, brands face growing concerns about how to balance conflicting demands from consumers for more personalized content and messages alongside new desires for more data privacy.

How will travel organizations navigate these challenges? And what steps will they need to take to rethink existing best practices related to how to design their strategy for marketing programs and the evolving travel purchase funnel? We take a closer look at each of these topics and more in our webinar, “Winning Strategies to Reach Today’s Omnichannel Traveler,” presented in partnership with Epsilon and Conversant.

The session reviews the consumer and industry changes that have caused this radical shift, emphasizing why travel brands must move beyond the traditional marketing campaign mindset to create a continuous dialogue with consumers, and engage them at the most relevant moments. It also delves more deeply into the topic of personalization, and the importance of customizing across omnichannel experiences, to ensure consumers receive the most relevant messages at the right time and on the right channel or device. Along the way, the key challenges, opportunities, and solutions are brought to life with the help of a panel of travel marketing experts.

Key questions we answer in this webinar:

  • Why is today’s digital marketing environment more challenging for travel brands than in the past?
  • How will travel marketers need to adapt their philosophy and approach for this new era of omnichannel marketing?
  • What changes need to be made to how brands currently approach activities like personalization and campaign management?
  • What are some examples of omnichannel marketing strategies used by best-in-class travel organizations, and what were the results?


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