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The majority of first travel searches have no mention of a brand or destination, putting publishers of digital destination information in a uniquely influential position. Yet publishers are challenged to differentiate themselves in an overwhelming number of options.

Unlike many other parts of travel, which are increasingly mobile-first or mobile-dominant, the early phase of travel planning in the U.S. is still laptop/desktop heavy. Travelers tend to look through a myriad of sites for inspiration on where to travel.

In our latest Skift Research report published Thursday, The State of Online Travel Media 2018, we examine online travel media that helps travelers plan for their travel destinations. We analyze the web presence of 75 travel publishers and profile 48 in four categories: traditional print-to-digital travel guide publishers, news and magazines with strong travel sections, digital firsts, and online giants like Google and the three largest travel booking platforms. We also look into coverage of niche needs among these publishers. Even though it’s an overcrowded space with great challenges for making money, innovative blending of the right content with the right technology will make users stick around.

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What You’ll Learn From This Report:

  • How travelers pick their next destination, how destination selection methods varies by age, and the channels travelers use for research.
  • Detailed overviews and analyses of 48 online publishers of informative content that help travelers pick their destination.
  • How duplicative content of the travel publishing space calls for differentiation and consolidation.
  • How personalization and mobile will continue to drive the future of online travel media.

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