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A few interesting wrinkles in the corporate travel world this week show where the sector is going.

Hyatt Hotels announced a program for small businesses to receive discounts at some Hyatt properties, along with basic travel management tools to track spending and traveler whereabouts. Hyatt’s smaller scale means it can try out new initiatives, but who knows how this one will work out? If they can add services and meeting spaces to the platform, though, this could be a big deal for small businesses.

We also have a story from Skift Tourism Reporter Dan Peltier on how Florida, as a destination, is going to work to tap into bleisure travel to increase its tourism numbers in coming years. Don’t be surprised if more destinations follow suit, and your business travelers contemplate extending more trips.

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— Andrew Sheivachman, Business Travel Editor

Airlines, Hotels, and Innovation

Hyatt’s New Corporate Travel Program Aims for Small Businesses: Hyatt seems to realize not only that small businesses are the most untapped portion of corporate travel, but that a solid business travel experience can lead to dividends on the leisure side as well. Whether this program catches on is another story, though.

Florida Addresses Its Business Travel Slump by Adding Leisure to the Mix: Florida probably has a better chance than most states to convince business travelers to turn into tourists for a couple days, but it will also take more employers to give the thumbs up to this trend.

Singapore Air Firms Up Plans for Revived, Ultra-Long New York Route: As fuel efficiency continues to improve and the next generation of long-range aircraft comes online, we should expect more of these ultra-long-haul routes to spring up.

U.S. Airlines Lose Tolerance for Money-Losing Flights as Fuel Prices Rise: Nothing refocuses airline executives like rising fuel prices. If they continue to creep up, expect airlines to cancel more marginal routes.

The Future of Travel

New Skift Research Points to Amazon Playing a Larger Role in the Travel Industry: It’s dangerous to give Amazon breathing room in any industry; better to think through its implications for travel today. Amazon is not simply a threat — it offers lessons and opportunities for travel executives as well.

C2 Montreal Evolves With Global Aspirations: C2 may be past the point of reinventing itself as it looks to export its brand of experiential business conferences around the world. Yet, the tweaks it has made to its hallmark event demonstrate the work to scale its interactive festival as its popularity surges.

Why India’s MakeMyTrip Made Peace With Rapidly Growing Oyo: The decision by MakeMyTrip, India’s largest online travel agency, to start selling Oyo budget lodging is significant. The move recognizes that the heavily funded Oyo is no longer a rival marketplace and is instead primarily a supplier. Asset-light hotel chains need to wake up to Oyo’s rise.


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Photo Credit: A Hyatt Hotel in California. The company has made moves to get more involved in business travel management. Hyatt