Today in the U.S. the Skift team is getting excited to celebrate Thanksgiving with their friends and family, but before we left the office for the week we wanted to do something to show you, our Skift fans, how thankful we are for your unwavering support.

That’s why today we are treating you to the ultimate surprise — We’re announcing the dates for all of our Forums in 2018! That’s right! Today you’ll get to check out the dates for our upcoming events and even register for a handful of them at our Early Bird pricing! Check out the details on each Forum below and as always email [email protected] for sponsorship opportunities to get involved in amplifying your brand to the best audience in all of travel!

Skift Forum Europe

When: April 26, 2018
Where: Cafe Moskau, Berlin
What: Skift Forum Europe is unlike any other conference in the region because it examines Europe as a bellwether for many of the leading trends in global travel.
Savings: Only 8 Early Bird Tickets at €300 OFF Remain! 

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Skift Tech Forum

When: June 5, 2018
Where: Silicon Valley — Venue Coming Soon
What:  With the help of our Skift Research team, Skift Tech Forum is a one day conference that plans to explore the tech disruptions happening in the retailing, merchandising, and distribution (RMD) of travel.
Savings: 33 Super Early Bird Tickets at $250 OFF Remain!

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Skift Restaurants Forum

When: September 25, 2018
Where: New York — Venue Coming Soon
What:  Skift Restaurants Forum will be a first-of-its-kind event, taking a big picture look at the business of dining out, and the intersection of chefs and restaurants + digital and social technology.
Savings: Tickets will be on sale soon! Stay tuned for an announcement.

Skift Global Forum

When: September 26-27, 2018
Where: New York — Venue Coming Soon
What:  Now in its fifth year, our flagship Skift Global Forum brings the biggest CEOs and professionals together for 2.5 days of non-stop learning and networking.
Savings: Just 15 Super Early Bird Tickets at $1300 OFF Remain!

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Skift Forum Asia

When: November 29, 2018
Where: Singapore — Venue Coming Soon
What:  For the first time ever, we’ll be putting the Skift lens on all things happening in travel in Asia. This one day conference will be hyper focused on the travel innovation taking place in Asia-Pacific region, the region where the future of travel will be tested the most.
Savings: Tickets will be on sale soon! Be on the lookout for an announcement.

So that’s what 2018 looks like for the Skift team and the travel industry at large! Looking to get involved in sponsoring any of our events? Email [email protected] and our team will work with you to create a custom solution for your brand.