Skift Take has long experimented with vacation rental inventory. Its inventory has been growing rapidly, but vacation rentals still remain a small part of's business.

Last week we launched the latest report in our Skift Research service, A Deep Dive Into Priceline’s Competitive Position in Travel 2017.

Below is an excerpt from our Skift Research Report. Get the full report here to stay ahead of this trend.

We believe that looking at the latest data on instantly bookable properties rather than total listings gives the best comparison of to its main competitors in the vacation rental space. is behind Airbnb and HomeAway, for now. We expect the gap to close as hosts interested in offering instant booking on HomeAway and Airbnb are likely to also go with as all three sites can be used for free with the only payment being on the commission, which is comparable across the sites. There are logistics of managing across platforms so inventory is not oversold. Some small users filling their rooms will simply leave things on one platform.

In our metasearch report, we discussed the opportunity for meta to play a bigger role in vacation rentals. Platforms like have built the use case in the segment. The static inventory (i.e. those that list their properties on one site only) could be one case where meta plays a role in rentals. Priceline already has Kayak and to-date, the company has not expressed interest in the space. Nevertheless, we will continue to assess the business case for Priceline and what, if any, role metasearch technology could have in rentals.

Looking at instantly bookable inventory, Airbnb has 1.9 million listings, HomeAway has over 1 million, and has 721,000. The companies have slightly different definitions of property versus listing, but the chart below gives a rough sense of the size of the instantly bookable inventory. The most important metric, room nights booked, is not disclosed. That number would show how well the inventory is actually converting into bookings.

Instantly Bookable Properties

Service Listings 721,000
HomeAway 1,000,000+
Airbnb 1,900,000

Source: Company Filings and Commentary

Looking at total inventory, Airbnb has over four million listings and HomeAway has over two million. TripAdvisor via its FlipKey brand, among others, and an aggregated TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals site has 800,000. Priceline Group spokeswoman Leslie Cafferty tells Skift that has 2.6 million total listings, where “within each property, there are a myriad of listings.”

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Total Listings

Service Listings 2,600,000
HomeAway 2,000,000
Airbnb 4,000,000
TripAdvisor 800,000

Source: Company Filings and Commentary

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