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This Skift Trends Report, produced in partnership with International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM), explores the many disruptions in luxury travel where tired narratives about what upscale travelers want no longer suffice. The very definition of “luxury” is nebulous today, meaning different things to a widening arc of customers with myriad psychographic profiles, age brackets, and personal lifestyles, emerging from a continually expanding range of source markets.

Adding to the complexity, the world is shifting off its traditional piers. The Trump administration, Brexit, growing terrorism fears, plunging economic conditions in certain source markets, environmental havoc, and the non-stop digitization of everything are challenging many people’s sense of stability worldwide. The clustering of macro and micro stressors are rearranging luxury travelers’ long-held assumptions of purpose and value, causing inward reflection. Springing from these uneven times, there’s growing demand for travel experiences that align with the three primary trends defining luxury travel in 2017 — mindfulness, simplicity, and transformation.

In this report you’ll learn: 

  • Customer Lifetime Value: Loyalty Pivots Toward the Long Game
  • The Shift From The Experience Economy to The Transformation Economy
  • How Fashion and Retail Marketing Are Influencing Luxury Hospitality Content
  • 7 Key Takeaways To Engage The Next Generation Luxury Traveler

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This report was created in partnership with View from ILTM.

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