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Diving into the data of European VC reveals that while new tech-hubs are emerging, the landscape is still vastly dominated by the traditional trio of well-established tech-hubs. Namely London, Paris, and Berlin.

Last week we launched the latest report in our Skift Research service, European Venture Investment Trends in the Travel Industry 2017 accompanied by our comprehensive Data Sheet: European Venture Capital Investment Landscape 2017.

Below is an excerpt from our latest Data Sheet. Get the full report and data sheet here to stay ahead of this trend.

Our latest research report explores the European venture landscape and is accompanied by an extensive data sheet, which includes travel related funding rounds in Europe ranging from 2010 to 2016 as well as a list of top 100 companies by capital raised.

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The top 100 companies sheet lists European companies founded within the 21st century by total funding raised. The data can also be filtered by city and country, giving a detailed view of the most funded companies in any local area.

The funding sheet includes more than 500 funding rounds from throughout the European continent. The data sheet already includes basic visualizations, which can be filtered to individual preferences, and the data sheet is also distributed fully unprotected, allowing it to be fully modified and customized.

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Photo credit: A passenger walks through a terminal at Frankfurt airport. European VC is still dominated by the traditional trio of well-established tech-hubs: London, Paris, and Berlin. 125447 / 125447

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