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Ex-HomeAway Execs’ Startup Raises $4.4 Million: Travel Startup Funding This Week

OnceThere has proven it can attract some investor attention but tours and activities is a sometimes-low margin business and it's next step is demonstrating it can link up with more booking sites in the U.S. and around the world.

2 days ago

Travel Startup Funding This Week: $12 Million on Nomadic Workers

We love the idea of Remote Year but can't figure out the attraction for venture capital, except perhaps the desire to live vicariously through other people spending your money.

1 week ago

TripAdvisor’s Dining Reservations Investment and More in Travel Startup Funding This Week

TripAdvisor's investing activity was down more than $30 million for the first half of 2016 and its investment in Southeast Asia's Eatigo doesn't mean it's turning up the heat on funding for startups. However, it does signal TripAdvisor's ongoing interest in getting deeper into dining reservations around the world.

2 weeks ago

Travel Startups Raised $2.5 Billion So Far in 2016

Things haven't looked great on paper for travel startup funding this year. Many investors have told us they feel there's a lack of originality in travel and that, combined with the global economy, likely explains what's going on.

4 weeks ago

Vacatia, InstaVR and More in Travel Startup Funding This Week

Travelers want to consume content on the same devices that they use for every other aspect of their lives and that includes virtual reality videos. InstaVR's focus on apps helps travel brands reach their audiences that may not own virtual reality headsets yet and enjoy watching videos on their phones.

1 month ago

VizEat, Wingit and More in Travel Startup Funding This Week

Travelers will never tire of experiences that get them closer to food and people in a city and apps using the VizEat model have taken off with locals as much as they have with travelers.

1 month ago

Velocity, Travelio and More in Travel Startup Funding This Week

Many travelers, particularly wealthy ones, will always look to dine in the most exclusive restaurants any destination offers. Restaurant dining, however, is just one of a variety of food experiences travelers are looking for and mobile dining reservations apps should consider this as they expand.

2 months ago

Dreamlines, Dufl and More in Travel Startup Funding This Week

Cruise lines in Europe are at somewhat of a crossroads, with a major brand like Norwegian saying its European cruise bookings are down and Carnival's CEO arguing Brexit could give UK cruising an edge. With more cruise lines shifting focus to China it will be interesting to watch if a European cruise site can continue commanding investor attention over others in China, for example.

2 months ago

In Startup Funding This Week, AirHelp Raises $12 Million to Help Passengers With Flight Disruptions

This week's Delta Air Lines global outage puts a spotlight on the opportunity for startups such as AirHelp, which helps travelers deal with flight disruptions and makes a disjointed passenger experience less miserable.

2 months ago

Airbnb Valuation Soars to $30 Billion With New $850 Million Funding

Airbnb may have its regulatory difficulties here and there but this isn't stopping investors from pouring money into the company so it can pick off a new market or two.

3 months ago

Peek Raises $10 Million, JetBlue Invests in Ride-Sharing in Travel Startup Funding This Week

Peek boasts that it provides a great booking experience on both desktop and mobile devices, which at this stage in the game is a must if tours and activities platforms hope to keep pace with consumer demands and behavior.

3 months ago

Cloudbeds, Ridlr and More in Travel Startup Funding This Week

Cloudbed's recent venture round is in line with other small investments made in hotel software so far this year as investors are more cautious and focus on smaller funding amounts.

3 months ago