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5 New Travel Startups That Really Want to Disrupt Crowded Fields

Startup fever gives rise to new entrants that believe they have a chance to compete and while some do, most have to fight hard to wrestle any market share away from major travel companies.

2 days ago

5 New Travel Startups Where Tourism Is a Dirty Word

More companies want to own the entire travel journey and that means getting into the weeds of what travelers do while they're traveling. But tours and activities is hardly an easy sector to enter; throw in so-called expert locals with little tourism training and you're in murky waters.

1 week ago

5 New Travel Startups Creating Solutions for Brands’ Digital Challenges

The travel industry has moved forward on several fronts this year with plenty of obstacles in the way and startups are often a key ingredient in that perseverance and problem-solving.

2 weeks ago

It’s Been a Busy Year for Travel Acquisitions With Lodging Deals Dominating

Travel acquisitions have been humming along this year and we've seen several deals that will have a lasting impact on consumer behavior. Marriott-Starwood dominated headlines for months although Expedia and Priceline largely have been largely inactive in mergers and acquisitions so far in 2016. We still have a few months left, though.

3 weeks ago

5 New Travel Startups Helping Hotels Highlight Amenities

Many guests stay at hotels because of value and the amenities that they get. Hotels should be more helpful in guiding guests towards these amenities with, of course, a human touch.

3 weeks ago

5 New Travel Startups With New Takes on Local Discovery

Every travel startup wants to be a travelers' gateway to discovering travel ideas and booking but is a new travel startup any match for the power of Google, the original and likely only effective trip planner?

4 weeks ago

5 New Travel Startups Helping Travelers Book Holiday Season Flights

We're heading into one of the busiest and most stressful times of the year for travel but it doesn't have to be that way. These startups can't guarantee you speedy check-in and security lines but they can help assure you that you're getting your miles' worth and making the best booking.

1 month ago

5 New Travel Startups Putting Dining at the Center of Travel

Many would argue that it's easier for travelers to find the perfect meal while traveling. While that may be true, there are also many more options and types of dining available to the average traveler in 2016 that wasn't around a decade ago and there's a sweet spot for startups to learn about dining tastes to find the best possible meal for each traveler.

1 month ago

5 New Travel Startups Taking Photos and Videos to New Heights

Travel photos and videos have to be compelling and engaging if brands have any hopes of getting bookings and that's where these startups come in.

2 months ago

5 New Travel Startups That Make the Connection Between Mapping and Travel

Maps are more important than ever as location-aware travel technology depends on them and travelers around the world venture into newer and more localized places that aren’t always familiar tour stops.

2 months ago

5 New Travel Startups That Ease Passenger Experience

Many airlines have made technology upgrades to the in-flight passenger experience but backend upgrades are complex and sometime lag. It's clear that consumers can no longer wait patiently when there are major flight disruptions and some of these startups have swooped in to help with the slack.

2 months ago

5 New Travel Startups Helping Travelers With Their Health and Wellness Goals

Medical tourism touches multiple industries and helps grow jobs and local economies in ways that other kinds of tourism can't. Destinations known as medical travel havens are often the countries that have the most to gain from increased tourism.

2 months ago