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Supertravelers weigh in on what travel companies get right — and wrong — when it comes to practices and customer service.

Skift has been thinking a lot about supertravelers, those discerning frequent fliers who travel regularly for business or leisure and have strong points of view about the experience.

Research director Luke Bujarski led a team last year to put together a 10,000-word Supertraveler Manifesto packed with interviews, results from online surveys, insights from focus groups, and a list of maxims of the super traveler mindset. Those maxims include the need for authenticity and trust in travel advice sources; real rewards vs gimmicks; the right amount of tech and connectivity; and a human element among all that technology.

Supertravelers also had a voice at the Skift Global Forum last year during a discussion moderated by Bujarski.

On today’s episode of the Skift podcast, we’ve got that conversation for you. Our panelists were Alexandra Wood, chief operating officer at Wearable Experiments; Jalak Jobanputra, founder and managing partner of Future\Perfect Ventures; Colin Nagy, head of communications strategy at creative agency Fred & Farid, and Leonard Brody, an entrepreneur and venture capitalist.

We recorded the introduction to this episode in late 2016, so when you hear a reference to  “this year,” that’s the year we mean.

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