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Visual content creation, curation and distribution presents challenges and opportunities. The best way to deal with the challenges is a consistent, head-on approach to ensure a brand culture that embraces the ins-and-outs of social media engagement and community building.

Today we are launching the latest report in our Skift Trends Reports service, Snapchat and Instagram Strategies for Travel Brands.

We live in a world where mobile usage is soaring and visually engaging content is in constant demand; the two leading platforms are, without a doubt, Instagram and Snapchat. How travel companies use these channels to keep their brands top of mind with avid and would-be travelers is the focus of this report. Hotels, airlines, destinations and other travel players know they need to be where the audience is, but return on investment for social media content production and publishing can be difficult to pin down.

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With nearly half a billion daily users spread over Instagram and Snapchat, it’s a potential goldmine for advertisers and companies trying to reach and engage their customers. Particularly those looking to attract the younger generations, as the demographics on the platforms have a clear peak in the GenZ/Millennial category: 60% of Snapchat’s user base is under the age of 24.


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Whilst once considered non-advertiser friendly, both platforms have made vast leaps to entice marketers. Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram has put it in the hands of the digital advertising experts, and Snapchat’s recent release of their beta Ad API, is a step ahead looking to give advertisers more control and data over ads.highsociety

Fashion brands are having great success with visual promotions on the platforms, triggering instant purchases through their ads. Travel brands can’t expect people to book a ten-day vacation without shopping around. In the report we explore how some travel companies have adapted their digital strategies to a content-driven platform.

At its premier Chicago property, Virgin Hotels wanted to highlight its affordable in-room minibars. So it turned to Instagram and boosted minibar sales by 300 percent. We did 30-second videos showing people how to make cocktails using ingredients in their rooms; each would cost $8 to $10 in ingredients, which is less than you’d spend in any hotel or restaurant,” explains Doug Carrillo, vice president of sales and marketing.

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