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As Skift enters its fifth year, our original promise of becoming the source of business information in the global travel industry is now a reality.

We are now ready for the next sector of expansion beyond travel, into a very adjacent vertical: the food & beverage sector, as the industry calls it, or in simpler terms, the business of dining out.

chefslogo_use-for-socialAs the first step in that expansion, we’re welcoming the three-year-old newsletter Chefs+Tech into the Skift umbrella. Written by veteran business journalist Kristen Hawley, Chefs+Tech weekly newsletter focuses on news and ideas at the intersection of chefs and restaurants + digital and social technology.

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Skift will now host and distribute the newsletter, and will work with Kristen to expand the scope of coverage and its business over the coming months.

The culinary sector is the next natural adjacency for Skift, with so much innovation happening on all fronts of restaurants operations, marketing, and guest experience. As we already do with travel, we will focus on the changing consumer experience — in this case restaurant dining — thanks to the introduction and adoption of new technology. Chefs+Tech’s existing smart voice on the frontiers of this sector is a perfect complement to Skift’s progressive view of the travel sector, and together we make a great team!

You can contact Kristen at and email me any business suggestions, ideas or feedback at

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Rafat Ali
CEO and Founder, Skift

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Photo Credit: The future of dining out, as told by the Chefs+Tech weekly newsletter.