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Remote working and sabbatical experiences are more accepted than they've ever been. As younger generations of workers continue assuming leadership roles within their companies, these work abroad type experiences will become even more normalized.

Technology has made remote working and work abroad experiences more feasible than they’ve ever been. The trick is getting more employers on board who aren’t accustomed to seeing remote working experiences as productive.

Several startups have called these remote workers “nomads,” but that label doesn’t always fit. Many people seek short-term work experiences as they travel around the world, but many others also want spaces where they can settle in for a few weeks to refresh their lives while still staying connected to their work. Here are five startups helping the working population join the traveling community.

>>Sabbatical is a destination co-working company that provides remote work experiences. It provides accommodations, a co-working space and social and business programming for one to three week trips.

SkiftTake: Employers are probably more comfortable with their staff taking one to three week trips compared to six-month or year-long sabbaticals, for example. And that’s a good start, for now.

>>Nomad Pass gives professionals an online pass letting them access co-working spaces in cities around the world.

SkiftTake: It’s not all fun and games–working remotely means working, and workers need a quality place where they can concentrate and be productive while also meeting other like-minded people and interacting with the local community.

>>Jobbatical connects professionals with short-term gigs related to their field in destinations around the world. Employers can post openings for such sabbatical positions and employees can browse different gigs offering a variety of skill sets and settings.

SkiftTake: This model also gets employers involved and thinking about hiring professionals for short-term work from other parts of the world, which could go a long way to getting them to become more liberal with letting their full-time staff work abroad.

>>Nomad List gives workers a set of filters to choose from to help them find cities matching their lifestyles and professional interests. Each city is scored based on these filters to help professionals decide their best fits.

SkiftTake: A great job isn’t what makes remote working the experience of a lifetime. It’s equally important to make sure a city has plenty to offer in a variety of categories so that a worker’s quality of life is high while living there.

>>Jetsetter Jobs is an international jobs board for temporary jobs in the hospitality, teaching and volunteer sectors.

SkiftTake: Jetsetter Jobs says its platform helps employers find talent and skill sets that can’t be found in the traditional workforce. Besides language skills and familiarity with international travel there’s plenty of talent to be found among travelers and non-travelers.

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