5 New Travel Startups That Ease Passenger Experience

Many airlines have made technology upgrades to the in-flight passenger experience but backend upgrades are complex and sometime lag. It's clear that consumers can no longer wait patiently when there are major flight disruptions and some of these startups have swooped in to help with the slack.

5 New Travel Startups Helping Travelers With Their Health and Wellness Goals

Medical tourism touches multiple industries and helps grow jobs and local economies in ways that other kinds of tourism can't. Destinations known as medical travel havens are often the countries that have the most to gain from increased tourism.

5 New Travel Startups Helping the Hospitality Industry Keep And Discover Talent

The hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing for jobs growth as the U.S. economy continues to post bold job gains. Hotels, meeting planners and every other hospitality player needs to internalize this and realize the caliber of talent they can attract if they're using the right platforms and sending the right message.

2 Years of Travel Startups: Which Companies Survived and Died

Skift has covered hundreds of travel startups during the past four years to help readers understand emerging technology trends and venture capitalist interest. Here are examples of companies that have gone silent and those that have found an audience.

5 New Travel Startups Helping Travelers Maximize Every Minute of Their Trips

Letting travelers experience a property for a day with no strings attached is one of the best ways to create new and future guests and begin stacking the building blocks for brand loyalty.

5 New Travel Startups Banking on Messaging and Artificial Intelligence

Messaging isn't moving through the travel industry as fast as some would make you believe given only a few major brands have hopped on this trend. It is growing, however, and the startup sector is one that shouldn't be ignored when considering where this technology will come from.

5 New Travel Startups Giving Tours and Activities a More Mobile Future

One of Zerve's biggest downfalls was not jumping on mobile fast enough, which is where these startups want to take the tours and activities sector.

5 New Travel Startups Giving Travelers Something Different With Alternative Accommodations

The short-term rental and vacation rental markets haven't worked out all their problems but likely will with time. Startups as always should be cautious of building their businesses on the backs of the shortcomings of major established brands.

5 New Travel Startups Showing Different Sides of Summer Travel

It’s summer time in many parts of the world and travelers are looking to get outdoors and on the water for some fun in the sun and some travel startups want to help travelers make the most of the sunshine and warm weather.

5 New Travel Startups Putting Travel Agents in Travelers’ Hands

Travelers in 2016 come to travel agents because they need help, which has always been the bottom line. But it's not always because they don't know how to book online, or that they're too busy to book themselves or don't know where they should travel to. Travel agencies that get the job done without letting technology muddle that become more important.