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When a site uses dollars and cents to show a traveler why it makes sense for them to travel it's harder to say no to booking.

seedlingsWhen we travel, we don’t always travel the same.

Sometimes we’re looking for specialized information, sometimes we just need a shove, and sometimes we need a cheap excuse. These five startups try to offer reasons, rationale, and insight into future trips, no matter the reason.

>>WhereFor lets travelers search for destinations to visit based on their total flight and hotel budgets for a trip.

SkiftTake: This is how most travelers think and hopefully more booking sites will incorporate features like this in the future.

>>BringPrice lets travelers search for flights to multiple cities during a single trip.

SkiftTake: Major online travel agencies such as Expedia already have multiple destination searches but doesn’t tell you which leg is more economical to do first, as BringPrice does. Regardless, booking a trip to multiple cities is still not as fluid as it could be.

>>Rove shows travelers which destinations are best to visit during certain times of the year based on weather and local events.

SkiftTake: Travelers want to know the best time to visit a destination based on a variety of factors, not just weather, and Rove wants to help answer those questions.

>>LveyMoney is a mobile wallet letting travelers withdraw cash from foreign ATMs without bank cards.

SkiftTake: It’ll be a while before all ATMs are compatible with this type of solution, but when they are, this is the kind of mobile helper travelers are looking for. If a cash withdraw can be done on their own trusted device that eliminates having to put a card in a machine that they not be secure.

>>Sabbatical helps professionals find remote work experiences that get them away from their office but still in tune with their skills and current positions.

SkiftTake: Americans don’t take enough vacation and as mentioned in last week’s Skift podcast, vacations can take different forms to different workers. If someone is in a new city or country, even if they’re still working, that probably seems like a enough of a reprieve from their day-to-day life to constitute a vacation to some work martyrs.

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