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seedlingsWhen we travel, we don’t always travel the same.

Sometimes we’re looking for specialized information, sometimes we just need a shove, and sometimes we need a cheap excuse. These five startups try to offer reasons, rationale, and insight into future trips, no matter the reason.

>>WhereFor lets travelers search for destinations to visit based on their total flight and hotel budgets for a trip.

SkiftTake: This is how most travelers think and hopefully more booking sites will incorporate features like this in the future.

>>BringPrice lets travelers search for flights to multiple cities during a single trip.

SkiftTake: Major online travel agencies such as Expedia already have multiple destination searches but doesn’t tell you which leg is more economical to do first, as BringPrice does. Regardless, booking a trip to multiple cities is still not as fluid as it could be.

>>Rove shows travelers which destinations are best to visit during certain times of the year based on weather and local events.

SkiftTake: Travelers want to know the best time to visit a destination based on a variety of factors, not just weather, and Rove wants to help answer those questions.

>>LveyMoney is a mobile wallet letting travelers withdraw cash from foreign ATMs without bank cards.

SkiftTake: It’ll be a while before all ATMs are compatible with this type of solution, but when they are, this is the kind of mobile helper travelers are looking for. If a cash withdraw can be done on their own trusted device that eliminates having to put a card in a machine that they not be secure.

>>Sabbatical helps professionals find remote work experiences that get them away from their office but still in tune with their skills and current positions.

SkiftTake: Americans don’t take enough vacation and as mentioned in last week’s Skift podcast, vacations can take different forms to different workers. If someone is in a new city or country, even if they’re still working, that probably seems like a enough of a reprieve from their day-to-day life to constitute a vacation to some work martyrs.

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