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As part of our continuing efforts to make Skift indispensable to the professional lives of marketers, strategists, and technologists in travel, we are launching our new initiative today: SkiftEDU.

skiftEDU_1As the tagline says, SkiftEDU will provide ongoing virtual learning sessions for anyone whose life is built around marketing in travel. The first series we’re launching is an 8+ hour video series Fundamentals of Digital Travel Marketing, for which we have tied up with travel marketing expert Frederic Gonzalo.

These eight video webinars, delivered by Gonzalo, allow you to better understand the foundations of a digital strategy ā€” especially from a hospitality and tourism perspective ā€” to optimize your brand presence today.

Objectives of This Course

  • Understand today’s digital ecosystem of brands.
  • Develop a content strategy based on the most efficient platforms.
  • Demystify the role of a website vs. a blog vs. social media.
  • Learn how to use the main social media: Facebook, TripAdvisor, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
  • Know which key performance indicators and tools to use and prioritize.

This is first in our series of SkiftEDU sessions and services we will launch over the coming months. If you have feedback on this course or ideas on new courses or services that would be relevant to you, let us know. You can email me

Read here for more information on the first course we’re offering through SkiftEDU.

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