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Wouldn’t life be easier if there was one consistent carry-on bag size that eliminated all the guesswork that goes into booking and boarding airlines these days?

The International Air Transport Association thought so, which is why on June 9 the airline group revealed its Cabin OK baggage proposal at its annual conference.

One week later it pulled the idea.

Why is a matter of bad press and consumers’ inability to deal with airline baggage matters with any sort of sanity. Blame for that lies directly with the airlines, of course, which impose fees that drive passengers to bring aboard refrigerator size wheelies while ensuring flight attendants they’ll fit beneath the seat in front of them. IATA’s decision to forgo the Cabin OK baggage proposal marked a tremendous victory for lethargy and the status quo. Now we can all go back to bag shaming and cursing the passenger who stole the space above our seat.

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Photo Credit: Short-lived excitement as IATA Introduces New "Cabin OK" bag approval process. IATA