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Airlines Ask DOT for Permission to Collude Over a Debt Collection

This is a highly unusual request for U.S. carriers to seek a reprieve from antitrust immunity from the Department of Transportation so they can figure out how to be more powerful debt collectors in Venezuela. It shouldn't cause too many antitrust concerns although it's difficult to see how the group effort to pressure Venezuela would do much good.

3 weeks ago

Global Travel Spending Outpacing World Economic Growth, WTTC Says

There is a global slowdown in travel spending but it is still growing faster than projected world economic growth. Terrorism impacts travel spending but macro-economic events have a sometimes-less publicized but far greater impact.

2 months ago

Airline Groups Seek Crackdown on ‘Rogue’ Lithium Battery Shipments

Governments need to crack down on unsafe shipments of rechargeable lithium batteries because leaving it all up to the airlines, which don't want to publicize any safety lapses, will accomplish nothing.

2 months ago

Amid Nigerian Currency Crisis, At Least One Airline is Finally Getting Paid

This might be too little, too late. Some major airlines, including United, have slashed flights to Nigeria because they could not repatriate ticket revenues. Those flights likely won't come back any time soon.

4 months ago

IATA CEO Says Terrorist Attacks Won’t Halt Travel Boom

Seasoned travelers realize risks are always involved with any kind of travel. Travelers may alter their plans, but they're unlikely to outright abandon them.

5 months ago

Airlines Push Back Against Proposed Curbside Airport Screening

IATA makes a strong case against more screening — more lines mean more crowds and more terrorist targets — but it doesn't offer solutions to existing concerns.

5 months ago

Airlines Worry That Demand Won’t Keep Up With Growing Global Capacity

The two most frightening words in all of aviation are "price" and "war." Together, these two words make smart leaders do stupid things to attract all the wrong customers.

5 months ago

Air Travel Is Getting Safer, Despite High-Profile Disasters

Aircraft makers and airlines may have made their product safer than ever, but humans on the ground are screwing things up with a regularity that's disturbing.

5 months ago

IATA Turns to Silicon Valley for Inspiration Into Air Travel Improvements

Driving change in aviation is a complex process, but IATA has decades of established leadership, setting industry standards and encouraging airline leaders to think of new ways to manage change. Now that digital has accelerated the pace of change around the world, IATA has turned to experts in Silicon Valley to help airlines keep up.

6 months ago

How to Build a Low-Cost Travel Brand That’s Lean Without Being Mean

If consumers don't value some of the extras offered in the market, or worse still see them as an impediment to their journey, these brands believe it's best to eliminate them. Sure, doing so saves them money and creates lean processes, but it also differentiates the brand and creates positive associations for those consumers who are fed up with fluff, hype, and inflated travel costs.

6 months ago

SAS CEO Says He Wants Real Digital Change at Airlines, Not ‘Lipstick on a Pig’

Gustafson believes Danes and Swedes will need to catch up with their automation-loving Norwegian counterparts, but, in our experience, all of Europe is reaping the benefits of a strong focus on digital.

6 months ago

First Order of Business for IATA’s New CEO: Managing A Global Airline Emissions Tax

In his new role at IATA, the outgoing Air France-KLM CEO has a big challenge ahead of him: working with the U.N. to establish a global tax for airline emissions that will be enforced fairly among all airlines.

7 months ago