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Fred Dixon, CEO of NYC & Company, spoke at the Skift Global Forum about “The Future of Tourism Marketing For Iconic Tourism Brands,” which focused on the need for a new definition of tourism that incorporates locals as well as domestic and international travelers.

Dixon’s broke down his presentation in three parts that collectively expressed his approach to modern tourism marketing: Shared voices, borrowed voices, and the search for deeper authentic experiences using technology. He spoke about the challenge of familiarity and what New York is doing to create a level of immediacy and urgency to overcome complacency. Dixon also questioned the role of tourism boards as “official” brands, instead focusing on their ability to deliver authenticity to visitors.

And, yes, he does tell some stories about Taylor Swift, too.

This is the latest Skift Global Forum 2015 video we have posted. Over the next few weeks we’ll release each of the three dozen-plus presentations from the 2015 Skift Global Forum. To keep track of them all, bookmark Skift Global Forum.

Watch the video, above, for the full 23-minute presentation.

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