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Vinicius Lummertz, President of the Brazilian Tourism Board, spoke at the Skift Global Forum. Lummertz’s talk “Building a Tourism Brand Around Big Events,” explored the steps Brazil has already taken and the actions it still needs to complete to prepare the country for the largest global stage.

Lummertz’ conversation with Skift Head of Contact Jason Clampet got into the nuts and bolts of both attracting investment and negotiation national politics in order to pull off a big event with an even bigger open door to world travelers. In particular, Lummertz discussed the challenge of pushing to bring the visa waiver process to Americans and other travelers beyond the 90 days for the Olympics next summer. If nothing else, to improve the imbalance of tourism spending between the U.S. and Brazil: Americans spend $1 billion in Brazil but Brazilians spend $13 billion in the U.S.

This is the latest Skift Global Forum 2015 video we have posted. Over the next few weeks we’ll release each of the three dozen-plus presentations from the 2015 Skift Global Forum. To keep track of them all, bookmark Skift Global Forum.

Watch the video, above, for the full 20-minute conversation.

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