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The new issue of Skift Magazine is here!

Exclusively available at first to the Skift Global Forum 2015 attendees, the magazine is a package looking at what we are calling “The Fault Lines of Disruption” in the global travel industry.

These fault lines manifest themselves in the form of old versus new, consumer versus  business, east versus west, left versus right, and many other such clashes. We aim to decipher these clashes with this package, as a stage setting for the Forum.

The core of the magazine is a package of stories and essays called “Versus” where we juxtapose some of these central conflicts to consider. Below is a sneak peek at the magazine, in images.

For the rest of Skift readers, we will have the magazine available for sale online in the next few weeks.

For those attending the Forum, we will see you all starting this evening!












Photo Credit: The Skift Magazine takes on old versus news, consumer versus business and other fault lines of disruption.