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Public relations is the invisible engine that helps direct many of the messages that travelers consume about destinations, hotels, airlines and cruises.

Whether it’s via a New York Times article, a Travel + Leisure advertorial or more and more often a sponsored Instagram post, PR professionals are often behind the media that inspires consumers while they daydream at their desks and plot their next vacation.

In the same way that traditional travel publishing has been upended in recent years, this massive machine that touches every part of the travel industry has also been in flux.

In this week’s podcast, we discuss the evolution of the travel PR industry, with host Samantha Shankman and Skift co-founder and Head of Content Jason Clampet. They sat down with Laura Davidson, founder and CEO of Laura Davidson Public Relations and Jennifer Maguire, President of Jennifer Maguire Communications & Public Relations.

We explore the new balance between social and traditional media, the modern skill set needed to succeed in travel PR, the changing relationship between PR firms and their in-house marketing teams, and impact of travel media’s evolution.

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Photo Credit: This week's podcast, on the state of travel PR.