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The 10 Most Highly Compensated Hotel CEOs of 2015

Despite troubles in Macau, the usual suspects — namely gaming CEOs — took home the most money in 2015, with Wyndham’s CEO grabbing the No. 2 spot.

5 months ago

United Will Name New Chairman and Add Board Members After Activist Push

You didn't need to be an airline insider to understand that United's woes had much to do with its executive suite and board. With a new CEO and new blood at the top, maybe the airline can start to deliver on its promises again.

6 months ago

Skift Podcast: How In-Room Tech Is Changing Everything About Hotel Guest Experience

Mobile technology is proving to be a leap forward for hotels that are ready to embrace the massive advantages it has to offer.

1 year ago

Skift Podcast 6: The Rise of Lifestyle Hotels and the Culture Driving Them

The lifestyle hotel segment is being pushed to innovate more quickly and drastically than ever before. Although the competition will continue to swell for several more years, we expect only a few brands will be left standing at the end.

1 year ago

Skift Podcast 3: Travel PR Is the Invisible Engine Fueling Your Travel Inspiration

Traditional travel media has been upended in recent years and so has the massive PR machine that touches every part of the travel industry. Understand the changes by listening to this episode of the Skift Podcast.

1 year ago

The Secret to Bigger Destination Marketing Budgets

Proving the economic value of tourism marketing is critical to attracting more funding, which yield even better results. All organizations should have, or be working on, a measurement model.

1 year ago

Destination Marketing CEOs on the Power of Social Media

Social media is a two-way street that can just easily be used to share content as collect it, helping destination marketing organizations keep up with today's 24/7 marketing timetable.

1 year ago

The 10 Most Highly Compensated Hotel CEOs of 2014

A CEO's pay package is one barometer to measure the strength of a company and it looks like Marriott, Wyndham and Hilton are pleased with their 2014 financials. Starwood's former CEO Frits van Paasschen made out well too but with the company's growth problems there's no telling what the new CEO's package will look like for 2015.

1 year ago

Carnival Cruise Selects Trade Group Executive as New President

Carnival is CLIA's largest member, which makes the appointment a logical one and an easy transition for Duffy who was already likely looking out for Carnival's interests.

2 years ago

Interview: Montage CEO on Delivering an Ultra-Personalized Guest Experience

Delivering a great experience starts long before a guest walks in the door and it a service element that has to be instilled in the staff so it becomes second nature.

2 years ago

Uber Disciplines New York Manager for Tracking Reporter’s Movements

By taking public action against the manager, Uber is proving that it will not tolerate behavior similar to that outlined by its vice president. Critics may question whether the company only took action in light of current media backlash.

2 years ago

Interview: How Vail Resorts CEO Manages Tech Innovation in Nature

Ski resorts are uniquely positioned in the debate of tech versus nature, having to deliver a top experience to guests while also giving them the space to enjoy the outdoors as they choose. Creating products that seamlessly blend into either experience is the goal, at which Vail is largely succeeding.

2 years ago