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A new Economy Passenger Seat concept will make cabins more comfortable for smaller and larger passengers alike.

The SANTO (Special Accommodation Needs for Toddlers and Overweight Passengers) Seat, designed by aircraft engineering firm SII Group, Germany, capitalizes on irregular space at the back of the plane, where the fuselage is narrower.

Although this usually prompts airlines to install narrower seating, the SANTO Seat instead makes room for an extra wide seat which could accommodate a passenger of size, or a small child traveling with a parent.

All passengers are feeling the pinch of slim Economy seating, but most aircraft seats poorly accommodate larger passengers — even when those passengers book double seats — and children are also often overlooked by airlines with varying rules on lap-seating, children’s seat belts, and the use of child seats.

Through its convertible design, the SANTO addresses these problems, including adding adequate seat belts, armrests and the installation of a child seat, in a manner that’s easy for cabin crew to install as needed.

The SANTO increases passenger comfort, and improves safety by providing appropriate seating in case of emergency landings. The judges panel for the Crystal Cabin Awards, awarded SII group the top prize in the “Passenger Comfort Hardware” category during a special ceremony in Hamburg where the top industry innovations received recognition.

Photo Credit: The Crystal Cabin Award-winning SANTO adjusts to fit children and passengers of size comfortably and safely. SII Group