Southwest Will Add Technology for Dual-Class Service and Assigned Seats

This yet-to-be-implemented tech reminds us of Chekhov's quote that if you see a gun in the first act it will go off by the third.

JetBlue Drops Cargo Business to Add More Human Cargo on Each Plane

Passengers will certainly JetBlue know how they feel -- one way or the other -- about the reduced pitch and extra seats added in JetBlue's A320s starting midway through 2016. Barring a passenger rebellion, the extra seats will be a financial bonanza for JetBlue.

American Airlines Faces Boeing Fines Over Delayed Dreamliner Seats

Boeing has its own production schedule to meet and American’s issues with seat-manufacturer Zodiac are not really Boeing’s problem.

Aircraft Seat-Maker Zodiac in Talks With American Airlines About Order Cancellations

While program delays are problematic, and this situation has been ongoing, the contract dispute between American Airlines and Zodiac Aerospace now moves to the courts. A settlement is always a possibility.

American Air Says It Is Cancelling Orders From Lie-Flat Seat Maker

Airlines have enough problems improving the passenger experience without having to put up with delays for a manufacturer of lie-flat seats. That's why American Airlines canceled future orders from seat-maker Zodiac Aerospace in France.

Airplane Seat Size, Hotel Fees Should Be Disclosed Up-Front, Fed Panel Says

Airlines and hotels should be forced to disclose their fees up-front. Now that some airlines are cramming as many seats in the plane as possible, they should let you know the seat specs before you book. That would be a nice improvement.

Lufthansa Expands Services With CheapOair Even as Airline Pursues Surcharge

Lufthansa is being pragmatic. The airline knows its differences with the global distribution systems will get sorted out, one way or another, over the long term. In the meantime it still needs travel agencies such as CheapOair to sell its tickets and ancillary services.

New Adjustable Economy Seat Concept Makes Room for One and All

Intelligent design by SII — now we just need a smart airline to buy these.

Southwest Gives Flyers an Extra Half Inch of Seat Room

Amid flyers' fear of ever-shrinking seats, a half inch is apparently something to celebrate. We're still waiting for the tides to turn and carriers to reinvest in comfort.

JetBlue to Unveil Bag Fees and New Types of Fares in the Second Quarter

JetBlue's changes are all part of the evolution of JetBlue from a low cost carrier to one that navigates a middle ground between Spirit and Southwest, one the one hand, and American, United and Delta, on the other, all in the name of maximizing profit and pleasing Wall Street.