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Azamara Club Cruises is an ocean cruise brand that aligns itself more closely with the ethos of the burgeoning river cruise industry — culturally immersive programming, longer stays in port — than with concepts promoted by larger ocean-cruising companies.

To push its non-traditional messaging, Azamara recently launched a new multi-media ad campaign whose multi-million dollar price tag is unprecedented for the brand. Azamara timed the campaign’s launch to match the start of the cruise industry’s three-month-long Wave season.

The campaign focuses on the destination rather than the amenities available on board.

The first TV spot released begins with “Land. The reason we cruise.” It shows an older, well-tailored couple walking down cobble stone streets and dining primarily in restaurants on the land. It also features fast-paced city scenes with the cruise positioned as the entry point to those scenes.

In addition to the TV spots, the campaign includes elements across print and digital platforms.

The campaign’s slogan, “the voyage for those who love travel,” will be shared and promoted on social media with the hashtag #LoveTravel.

Skift recently interviewed Azamara CEO Larry Pimentel, who said, “The whole nature of this product is that the ship is really a conveyance and we literary explore the world’s best experiences by dealing with participatory travel.”

The two-ship operation is small by industry standards, holding 686 guests per ship.

Azamara’s three TV spots can be seen below:

Photo Credit: A shot from Azamara's new TV spots. Azamara Club Cruises