The notoriously difficult Indian visa application process is now apparently a thing of the past.

The Narendra Modi government on Thursday launched a “tourist visa on arrival” scheme for nationals of 43 countries traveling to India for 30 days or less—and only for “recreation, sightseeing, short duration medical treatment, casual business visit, casual visit to meet friends or relatives.”

But it’s not exactly a visa on arrival system. Applications must be made online at least four days before arrival, complete with a photograph, a scan of a passport’s photo page and a $60 fee. Subsequently, an Electronic Travel Authorisation will be issued, which is valid for entry through only nine airports in India. Only two such visas will be granted in a calendar year.

Here’s a map of all the countries that are now eligible for India’s new electronic visa scheme.

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Photo Credit: A tourist poses for a photo at the local cenotaph in Jodhpur, India. Rolling Okie / Flickr