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Thanksgiving ended less than 24 hours ago, but travel brands have already been pushing holiday deals and marketing for days. To kickstart the holiday spirit, or your shopping day, this week’s ad round-up are from the early moves in holiday marketing.


Park Hyatt shares a holiday greetings with its viewers in this short, but well-designed video which shows guests’ wish lists from well-tailored suits to paintbrushes based on their room or suite number. The subtle hints at luxury and traditional holiday music set the tone for what viewers could expect from a Park Hyatt experience this season.

Austrian Airlines compares the stress of a home-made holiday to a vacation in its holiday-themed ad of the season. By highlighting the little actions from lighting candles to wrapping presents that come with a holiday at home, Austrian Airlines is softly suggesting that a trip somewhere far away is a much more attractive option.

Delta Air Lines advertises its Delta Gift Card as a holiday present in this short video that mirrors the opening scene from Love Actually. By showing images of happy friends and family welcoming one another at the airport, Delta equates its product with feelings of holiday cheer.

Peninsula Hotels Bangkok shows guests exactly what it takes to get ready for the holiday season with a two-minute video that takes viewers behind-the-scenes of the luxury hotel from place settings to performance rehearsals. Customers are becoming less interested in a sterilized, white glove experience and more interested in interacting with staff for a personalized, intimate stay.

This local marketing video from the English town of Shrewsbury is a good example of how a destination can support local businesses with creative, relatively easy to create content that highlights the town and shops.

Photo Credit: Delta Air Lines advertises its Delta Gift Card in its first holiday ad of the year. Delta Air Lines / YouTube