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Branded Experiences Are Everything for Today’s Hospitality Brands

What's the most overused travel marketing buzzword out there? Our vote goes to "experience" (although "authentic" isn't too far behind.) Love it, or love to hate it, "experience" isn't not going away anytime soon. Here's why.

5 months ago

Best Travel Ads This Week: Brands Dive Into the Holidays

Travel brands will work to drum up as many sales as possible in the next five weeks. When the holiday season ends, travel purchases tend to drop for one or two months.

2 years ago

Paris’ New 5-Star Hotel Is the First in a Wave Targeted at Asian Travelers

It will be fascinating to watch as Paris' hotels evolve to meet the needs of travelers from China and other Asian markets.

2 years ago

Peninsula Hotels Turns to YouTube to Make a Statement About Its Brand History

Peninsula is creating quality video content, but it needs a viral angle or ambient marketing play to build buzz around the brand's underlying message of heritage and luxury.

2 years ago

The Peninsula New York Attracts Chinese Travelers With Mandarin-Speaking Staff

It is significantly easier for hotels with roots in Chinese culture attract these guests. And other brands will look at their practices and services as a role model for how to understand this important new customer set.

3 years ago

Best Travel Ads This Week: The Colorful Spontaneous Side of Travel

3 years ago

Travel ads of the week: Colorful festivals and cultural comparisons

Contrast and comparison is a particularly effective technique for travel ads, because it highlights what makes each culture or company unique -- the ultimate goal of any good campaign.

4 years ago

Hotels swap out standard airport shuttles for tuk-tuks, helicopters, and a Rolls-Royce

Offering a creative spin on the standard transportation gives high-end hotels an opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition and introduce their brands before guests even arrive.

4 years ago

Peninsula Hotels launches new global ad campaign to capture its “special moments”

If done well, the campaign will allow the hotel to show off the characteristics of each of its locations, while still portraying a standard of quality that remains consistent around the globe.

4 years ago